Yoga With Leah

Private Sessions are a beautiful way to have one-on-one time to really work on your individual body to gain flexibility, strength & calm, in body, mind and spirit.  Your communication is necessary for your session to be sculpted to your needs and goals.  Clients choose anything from understanding certain poses or parts of the body better,  deepening their breath and meditation practice, or simply reclining back in restorative postures and practicing deep surrender....sometimes a combination of all of the choose!  That is the beauty of a private session, it is completely catered to you.  $100/75 min. Prices may increase after 4 people.  

Private Special Occasion Yoga:  This is one of my favorite things to do!!  Whether it be the morning of your wedding with just your groom,  just your girlfriends or whoever you want to come; or maybe your baby shower,  birthday,  anything you count as a special occasion!  These sessions are totally up to the client for style of class (simple, basic with beautiful depth...or maybe sweaty, strong with fun music, bouts of dancing and lots of laughing, ending in a giant cuddle puddle...or maybe a sweet circle time to breathe and gently move together and honor....the options are endless, so let's be creative and make it unique for you.  $100-$200/60min-2hrs, varies to meet wishes.

Group Sessions:  Want to take a class with other people you know, looking for the same day, time & style?  Reach out to me and we can set up your own weekly group class.  The rate is set at $90, you divide the cost amongst yourselves.  If your group becomes 8 people or more, a very affordable $10 per person rate sets in.  

Family Yoga:  This is a unique, very special way to bond with your family!!  I have worked with several families privately and they reported back having gained a stronger connection to their family & themselves, and felt a more relaxed rhythm in the household.  They also said it has helped their children with anger, challenging moments, and focusing on homework!  $90/hr, or pre-pay for 4 sessions $300 ($60 discount!).

All private sessions  can be held at The Yoga Hut, or I will travel to your location destination.

Prices may vary based on additional travel from windward side.

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