Leah is full of life, love and energy, which she  pours  into every aspect of her life & teaching. Her passion for yoga began in 2004, during her second pregnancy, and has evolved and blossomed since.  Leah hosts a unique variety of events, such as Sunrise Yoga and Breakfast on the Beach, Full Moon Yoga, and  Special Occasion Private classes (wedding parties, mother’s blessings, birthdays, family sessions).  She cherishes any chance to make a life event deeper and more meaningful through this beautiful practice.  She's owned two sweet studios, and taught in others locally, as well as guest and retreat spots.

Remaining inspired by attending and teaching local and mainland classes, workshops and festivals & letting her creative juices flow whenever and wherever she can, Leah also enjoys preparing food for many of her own and other events, and playing in nature!  She has two beautiful daughters, one a college sophomore, one a high-school junior, and is a proud mama.

She has  an inviting way about her that will make you feel comfortable, and get you excited about your practice & your life!  
Whether you choose to be challenged in her creative, fluid sequencing in a Vinyasa Flow class...or led to slow down, connect with
your breath and know your body in Beginner's....you will likely laugh, sweat (at least a little), breathe and feel refreshed.  Leah encourages 
you to be healthy, happy, awake to each precious moment, at peace in your heart, and to perpetuate all that goodness into the world!

I love to hear from you!!  Please reach out with questions, ideas, feedback or comments! 

Click here or call 808-780-8544.

About Leah Distad

leah distad

 200 hr certified yoga instructor

 “Leah Distad at The Yoga Hut is my favorite yoga instructor because she gives praise and 

encouragement throughout the class and she shares insight/information on living yoga in your 

daily life before and after class.  Her classes always have a good amount of variety and challenge 

also”. -Lealyn

Yoga With Leah