Class Descriptions


Vinyasa Flow:  The word vinyasa is derived from the sanskrit word ​vi, meaning to place in a special way.  In this class we join breath, body & focus of mind in a fluid, strong practice; dynamically moving from one pose, creatively to the next.  Prepare to sweat, strengthen, stretch and leave feeling refreshed & reset.  Prior yoga experience recommended but not required.  

Gentle Yoga:  From beginner to experienced, this class will help you to smooth out the rough edges in your body,  mind & heart.  Deep stretching, slow movement & some restorative postures will gently allow you to melt away any stresses of your week.  You will be taken through each pose slowly and mindfully, even the transitions from pose to pose is like one long slow graceful dance, filling you with a sense of freedom and peace.  Start your Aloha Friday relaxed and at ease.

Yin Yoga:  Yin Yoga is a very slow, deep stretch class.  Mainly a floor class, with little to no standing poses.  These postures are held for long periods, generally 2-5 minutes each, targeting the connective tissues of the lower body (hips, hamstrings, inner thighs and lower back).  Be prepared to get centered & focus your mind on the breath in order to hold the pose the whole time.  While some of the poses will feel quite lovely to hold, some will be quite challenging.  This practice stretches not only the body, but the limits of the mind, and teaches us how to get through the more challenging times in our lives with patience, breath and surrender.  


​Special classes:

Full Moon Yoga:  Held on the full moon (or within a day of it), this class is in the sand at Lanikai Beach, Mokumanu St beach access, to the left. Moving and breathing as we witness the moon lift out of the sea and into the sky to light up the night!  It is typically a beginner's style class, with a few vinyasa options & variations offered for those who want more of a challenge.  Bring a towel, pareo &/or yoga mat.  Sometimes chilly at the end, a light sweater is good too. (join email list to get the notification for this class).  2019 schedule. $10 suggested donation.

Sunrise Yoga & Breakfast on the Beach:  Held occasionally (join email list to be notified), typically on a Saturday morning, Leah shares a sweet, stretchy sunrise flow followed by homemade vegetarian breakfast and coffee.  This class requires RSVP so enough food is prepared.  Subject to cancellation due to weather or low RSVP count.  $20 suggested donation.  Lanikai Beach, Mokumanu St beach access to the left. Bring a towel, mat or pareo.

Gratitude Flow:  This is one you don't want to miss!!  Held annually on Thanksgiving Day, this is the best way to start your day of thanks.  We begin in a circle, connecting to our breath and all we have to be grateful for, move a little together, sometimes shed a few tears...then come to our own mats to flow in a beautiful heart-opening sequence to gratitude inspired tunes.  This will be the first year at The Yoga Hut, and I think it will bring more depth to the morning as we feel so connected to nature, the mountains, the trees, to where our food comes from!!  So much to be grateful for, each and every day.  

Thanksgiving morning,  8:30-9:45am, $10 drop-in.

New Year's Eve Reflection & Intention Flow:  Just as the title says....this will be a time on your mat to celebrate the past year, and your entire life, and hold deep gratitude, forgiveness and love in your heart as you reflect on your personal growth and truth.  Join Leah Distad as we flow in a way that invites us to connect, become grounded, and release some of the anticipation, anxiety & expectations of next year.  Laughter & perhaps tears will also flow in this meaningful class and as we set our intentions for the year to come.  This is the first annual New Year's Eve Relection & Intention Flow!  Start the last day of the year centered, balanced, focused & energized!! 

New Year's Eve morning, time varies, $10 drop-in.

Yin, Din & Visions Workshop:  A 3 hour (or more if needed) workshop.  Beginning with a one hour Yin Yoga class, we will deeply open the hips and prepare the body and mind to focus your attention on your intentions for the new year!!  We will then begin the process of vision board making, while a vegan buffet is served.  

A vision board is a collage of cut-out pictures, words, quotes, etc that reflect your visions, desires, goals & dreams.  Hang it somewhere you see everyday as a beautiful reminder, and watch your dreams come true!

I've had many people share with me their vision boards from last year had manifested so accurately they can't wait to make their next one!!  This workshop is usually held once or twice a year, toward the beginning of the year.

$40. Supplies included, but bring your own scissors, and if you have a special photo you want on your board.  Limited space available. Venmo Leah-Distad to reserve your spot (or in person with cash).